The period at the beginning of the trading session officially designated by an exchange, during which all transactions are considered made "at the opening."
Related: close. Bloomberg Financial Dictionary
The period at the beginning of the trading session officially designated by the exchange during which all transactions are considered made "at the opening."

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opening o‧pen‧ing [ˈəʊpnɪŋ ǁ ˈoʊ-] noun
1. [countable, uncountable] FINANCE the beginning of a trading day on a financial market:

• After a weak opening (= one with falling prices ) , Stockholm equities recovered to close mostly higher.

• Oil and gasoline prices ended higher in moderate trading after a strong opening (= one with rising prices ) .

2. [countable] COMMERCE the time when a new business opens:

• A number of celebrities attended the opening of his new restaurant.

3. [uncountable] COMMERCE also opening up when a country allows types of imports or foreign investment that it did not allow before, or when it allows more of these:
opening of

• last year's opening of the capital market to foreigners

• a gradual opening up of the EU market to Japanese car makers

4. [countable] a job or position that is available:

• With markets declining, banks have fewer openings for merger specialists.

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opening UK US /ˈəʊpənɪŋ/ noun
[C or U] COMMERCE an occasion when a new store, restaurant, etc. starts doing business: »

A week after the opening of the restaurant, cars were queueing up all along the street.


Pre-tax profits rose, with new store openings running, on average, at three a month.

a grand/an official opening »

The store is still committed to its grand opening in October.


an opening ceremony

Compare CLOSING(Cf. ↑closing) noun
[U] COMMERCE the amount of time that a store, restaurant, etc. is open: »

One worker at the store criticized the problems caused by 24-hour opening.


Our hours of opening are 8am to 6pm.


Most stores have late opening in the run-up to Christmas.

Compare CLOSING(Cf. ↑closing) noun
[C] HR, WORKPLACE a job that is available: an opening for sth »

They have openings for carpenters and electricians.


The company has about 50 job openings.

[C] the opportunity to do something: »

The failure of this project has left an opening in the market.

[C or U] STOCK MARKET, FINANCE the beginning of business for the day on a stock market, or the level of prices at the beginning of its business day: »

The deal was announced ahead of the stock market opening.

a strong/weak opening »

A weak opening on the US markets intensified London selling.

Compare CLOSING(Cf. ↑closing) noun
[S] (also opening-up) COMMERCE a situation in which a country allows more foreign trade and investment than it did before: opening to sth »

Since China's opening to the outside world in 1978, the market economy system has been almost entirely established.

opening of sth »

It is hoped that the agreement will pave the way for an opening of American borders.

[S] (also opening-up) COMMERCE a situation in which a country makes jobs, markets, etc. available to more people than before: the opening of sth »

Because of the opening of electric power markets in the US, many new opportunities presented themselves closer to home.

opening UK US /ˈəʊpənɪŋ/ adjective [before noun]
coming near the beginning of a speech, event, activity, etc.: opening comments/remarks »

The speaker will make a few opening remarks.

Compare CLOSING(Cf. ↑closing) adjective
STOCK MARKET, FINANCE coming at the beginning of business for the day on a stock market: »

The Dow Jones quickly turned an opening 53-point rise into a 162-point loss.

Compare CLOSING(Cf. ↑closing) adjective

Financial and business terms. 2012.

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